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New Home Foundations
in Belleville, PA

Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., Has Installed Foundations Since 1980

For quality installation of new home foundations in Belleville, PA, trust Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc. Building a new home is a significant investment. A strong foundation is crucial to the stability and safety of your home. If you plan to build a new home, it is essential to choose a reputable company like Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc. You can trust our more than 30 years of experience to provide you with high-quality foundation services. Contact Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., online today or call (717) 483-0109 for a free estimate on your next concrete project. For examples of what we provide, visit our gallery.

New Home Foundation Services in Belleville, PA, & Surrounding Area

Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., provides a range of new home foundation installation services to meet the needs of their clients.

Site Preparation: The contractors at Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., evaluate the site of your new home and excavation. It is important to prepare the land for a foundation installation.

Foundation Design: They will work with your architect to design a foundation that meets your unique needs. The foundation is responsible for transferring the weight of the building to the soil. Things to keep in mind during design are the soil condition, load-bearing capacity, building materials, local building codes, and more.

Foundation Installation: Proper foundation installation is essential for the stability and safety of the building. Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., installs the footings, forms, and steel rebar as reinforcements. They then carefully pour concrete and ensure correct curing. Once the foundation walls cure, the area around the foundation is backfilled with soil. This supports the foundation and prevents settling or movement over time.

We will install your new home’s foundation, ensuring that it meets all building codes and regulations.

Foundation Inspection: Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., provides thorough inspections to all new home foundation installations. Our contractors ensure that your new home’s foundation meets all safety standards and is up to code.

Trust the Skills and Experience of Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc.

The Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., team of contractors is highly skilled and has years of experience installing new home’s foundations. We take pride in our workmanship and only use the highest-quality materials and equipment. Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., commits to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring satisfaction with our work. You will receive the best value for your money with competitive pricing. Trust Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., to deliver exceptional results every time.

Trust Peachey’s Poured Walls, Inc., for quality installation of new home foundations in Belleville, PA.